PARIS — Thousands of tourists eat at the Eiffel Tower’s restaurant each year. It is the job of Danish company Hudevad to make sure that these visitors stay warm.

The company’s product is part of the tower’s Altitude 95 restaurant, which was redesigned to look like an airship flying across France. The first thought was to heat the restaurant with warm air, but this would demand big air ducts, which wouldn’t match the design of the tower itself.

For aesthetic reasons, radiators were chosen, but the manufacturer had to comply with the architect’s demands. The radiators had to blend 100 percent into the airship vision, as well as the open steel construction of the tower. The choice was Plan radiators, from Hudevad, equipped with a special piping arrangement with four connections and oversize fittings. With their “heating machine” appearance, the radiators match the design of the tower itself, as well as the interior of the restaurant with rivets, steel, and warning stripes found in an airship.

Publication date: 06/30/2003