QVM9 and QVM8 Models can serve both as a water heater and a boiler. The QVM9 and QXM8 (oil only) boilers have earned the EPA’s Energy Star® rating for efficiency. This line of QVM8 oil boilers has an AFUE rating of 85 percent, while the AFUE rating for the QVM9 Models is 90 percent. Features of the QXM8 include sealed-combustion venting design, separated potable and nonpotable connections, and built-in temperature control module. The QVM9-090W1-NG has a Btu range of 46,000 to 90,000, the QVM9-125W1-NG has a Btu range of 55,000 to 115,000, and the QVM9-150W1-NG has a Btu range of 65,000 to 135,000, the company says.

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