The company has updated the Duo-Rad® and added the Duo-Rad II® to its line of heat distributors. These fan convector coil units provide heating and cooling together in one heat distributor, the company says. The Duo-Rad can be installed, says the manufacturer, in hard-to-heat spaces like kitchens, where space for radiation often competes with cabinets. The company states that for commercial applications, the Duo-Rad can provide the convenience of an individual room or zone temperature control for the cost of installing a thermostat. According to the manufacturer, 8 to 32 feet of conventional baseboard can be replaced with 3 to 4 feet of Duo-Rad II convectors without sacrificing performance. Features of the Duo-Rad include three fan speeds, internal thermostat control on all heating units, compression fitting with shut-off valves in supply and return, and a heat exchanger vent for air elimination.

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