MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions has launched ContractorPro™ Services, a program designed to strengthen all elements of a contractor’s business. According to the company, ContractorPro Services includes a suite of services for contractors to generate more leads, increase sales closing rates, service their customers, manage an efficient operation, and increase profits.

Honeywell rolled out the program during a live Web broadcast on August 6 at www.ContractorPro.com. Visitors can view the archived webcast at any time.

“ContractorPro services help contractors escape the grind and burden of being an everyday HVACR residential contractor,” said Dan Joyce, Honeywell director of trade channel management. “We have five main pillars of the program, which are individual services that the dealer can enroll in online. He or she can choose any number of the services.”

Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions has launched ContractorPro services, an online program designed to help contractors service their customers and increase sales. (See screens above and below.)


Joyce said the five elements of the program are:

1. MarketingPro is a personalized marketing program designed to allow contractors to educate, retain, and increase their customer base through high-impact, personalized HVAC programs at what the company calls “a price any company can afford.” According to Honeywell, MarketingPro provides HVAC marketing training, planning, and budget development tools, including customized newsletter, direct mail, and Yellow Pages ad programs. It also features unlimited marketing consultation online and an HVAC marketing website.

“MarketingPro is about a dealer marketing himself, and not being a tag for the manufacturer,” said Joyce. “It is really about helping the dealer drive his brand in the marketplace as a provider of HVACR solutions. We’ve assembled a number of marketing professionals under this banner.”

2. SalesProallows a contractor to close more jobs in less time at higher profits through online consumer education and system selection, said the company. This tool was designed for the sales representatives to use as part of the pre-sale process, so that when they go on a sales call, they can discuss and finalize the system with a well-prepared customer. ContractorPro features a professional Web-based system pre-loaded with Honeywell products and customized for contractors. It includes an online survey homeowners can fill out to receive a personalized system recommendation, and allows sales representatives to print out a map to the customer’s home.

“SalesPro is a tool for pre-selling and pre-educating customers before the salesperson visits a customer,” said Joyce. “It is helping salespeople close more jobs in less times at higher profits.”

3. ManagementPro allows a contractor to get the company on the right track with proven practices to ensure consistent business results, the company said. According to Joyce, with ManagementPro, contractors can:

  • Create accurate, professional customer proposals;

  • Enter, schedule, and dispatch service calls;

  • Manage job costing (enter time cards, know labor rates, track job expenses, and issue purchase orders to buy materials);

  • Manage the installation to make sure the job is installed profitably; and

  • Keep all customer information in one place.

    “ManagementPro is a day-to-day online productivity tool to help dealers manage customers, manage jobs to ensure profitability, and allows for owners to get access to records via the Internet,” said Joyce. “It was developed by a Midwestern HVACR dealer.”

    4. E-StorePro is designed to allow a contractor to experience a no-hassle approach to selling replacement parts and services online with a highly professional customized website, the company said. Joyce cited features including a unique contractor home page, a current Honeywell catalog, and online sales of replacement parts and services.

    “This is an e-commerce tool for dealers to put into their website in order to service their customers for life,” stated Joyce. “It is a no-hassle approach to selling replacement parts through the dealer’s website.”

    5. PowerContractors Program is designed to allow contractors to tap into resources, special offers, and ideas through their partnership with Honeywell to help them present their business in the most professional manner. According to the company, members will be able to take advantage of a Membership Values Book, which includes business ideas and software, as well as product and training offers. The company also touts its exclusive technical support hotline and ongoing communication about new products and programs. It also offers its PowerPoints Rewards Program and 2002 “Ballots for Bucks” Sweepstakes.

    “This provides extra sales support and rewards for dealer purchases and their loyalty — and provides best practices,” said Joyce.

    “This moves Honeywell from going from putting a product in a box to helping dealers sell themselves. This is less about the manufacturer and more about the dealer.”

    For more information, including dates and locations for its traveling seminar program, contact info@honeywell.com (e-mail) or visit www.ContractorPro.com (website).

    Publication date: 08/12/2002