DENVER, CO — The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. was found negligent in a recent court case centering on radiant-heating hose manufactured by the company and installed at the Beaver Creek vacation homes in Colorado. Vista Resorts, developer of the vacation homes, filed the lawsuit against Goodyear, claiming that its Entran II radiant heating hose is faulty. According to the plaintiff, Goodyear’s Entran II cracked and leaked fluids under the homes. The repair process was extensive, requiring expensive floors to be ripped up in order to get to the radiant heating systems.

According to attorneys for Vista Resorts, the faulty hose was also responsible for damage to the ceilings, floors, basements, and even driveways of some of the homes.

The jury for the case sided with Vista Resorts and awarded the developer $5.6 million on Feb. 25. Under Colorado’s consumer protection laws, this award will be tripled. After punitive damages and added fees, Goodyear will be required to pay between $23 million and $25 million.

Goodyear announced that the company will appeal the decision. The company claims that problems with the Entran II are not due to faulty craftsmanship, but improper installation.

“Goodyear is disappointed with the Colorado jury’s decision, and we are confident that upon appeal, the court will recognize that the Entran II hose, when used in the systems that have been properly designed, installed, and maintained, will provide many years of service,” said Donna Jennings, a spokeswoman for Goodyear.

Jennings also reports that 95% of the heating systems using an Entran II hose are still working well even after a decade of use.

Publication date: 03/11/2002