LAS VEGAS, NV — Looking to purchase a “dream home”? Bob Vila is trying to construct one here — and all with the Internet’s help.

The dotCOM dream HOME is Vila’s latest creation, which is an Internet-driven, custom home building project that will be utilizing available Web resources to manage every facet of the construction process. Vila is personally visiting the project during the 10-month construction effort to videotape and Webcast the featured products and services.

The dotCOM dreamHOME is being built in the Spanish Hills development in Las Vegas. Millions of consumers and homebuilders have the opportunity to follow the progress of the 6,000-sq-ft custom home project through the website. Multi-media channels - include audio, video, and text - give visitors an evolving view of the project. Product-based streaming video highlights the products used in the house.

For instance, A.O. Smith Water Products (Irving, TX) donated a Cyclone HXE water heater and a Burkay Genesis boiler to the project. Installation of the products was done in January.

According to the manufacturer, a Cyclone XHE will save an owner $302 each year compared with other water heaters. This is based on three hours of operation a day at the national average energy cost of $.89 per therm.

The pool of the dotCOM dreamHOME is to be heated with the Burkay Genesis boiler. The manufacturer said its boiler exceeds the most stringent requirements for low atmospheric emissions, including the quality standard set by the Southern California Air Quality Management District.

To follow the construction of the home, log onto, then scroll down to “Breaking New Ground: The dotCOM dreamHome.” Among the features of that section are a progress report, various project videos, support sponsor listings and links, a builder’s journal, and a live Webcam.

Publication date: 03/18/2002