At a glance, filter-driers look similar. But it’s what’s inside that counts, specifically the core.

Sporlan pioneered the molded porous core and perfected it through years of research and experience, the company says.

The abilities of the core, and other Catch-All features, are tailored to current system design. As contaminant removal requirements have changed with the use of alternative refrigerants and lubricants, so has the Catch-All. This is what separates the Catch-All from ordinary filter-driers. The Catch-All offers:

  • Twice the water capacity
  • Excellent acid capacity
  • Outstanding filtration
  • Molded core-eliminates desiccant attrition
  • Other filter-driers are just filters and driers – it’s the CORE that makes it a Catch-All.

    Publication date: 01/08/2001