• Virginia KMP Corporation (Dallas, TX) is now the exclusive distributor for Away Chemicals’ drain pan treatment products in the United States. This line includes brands such as KonTrol, Pan Pills, Pan Tabs, and more. For further information, call 800-285-8567.
  • Teletrol Systems Inc. (Manchester, NH) announced that two additional companies have joined its Authorized Systems Integrator program. The new companies are FaciliTech of Charlotte Inc. (Charlotte, NC) and St-Martin Electrique Inc. (Laval, PQ, Canada).
  • The Law Company (Wichita, KS) has begun construction of a new warehouse for York Manufacturing Co. in Wichita. Expected completion of the new 200,000-sq-ft building is June 2002.
  • Schwank (Waynesboro, GA) will consolidate production of its radiant heaters in two locations. Radiant tube (low intensity) manufacturing will be handled by Schwank Ltd. (Mississauga, ON, Canada), while Schwank GmbH (Cologne, Germany) will handle production of luminous heaters and burners (high intensity).
  • Lau Industries Inc. (Dayton, OH) has announced that its wheel and housing unit has played a role in assisting workers at Ground Zero in New York City. After Sept 11, a manufacturer of portable, commercial air conditioners contacted Lau Industries to order 40 of the units to be used in air scrubbers for emergency personnel. Lau produced and shipped all 40 of the units in two days.

    Publication date: 04/22/2002