DENVER, CO — A new website designed to offer information and tools for commercial hvac service companies and their personnel has been launched by ePerformance Learning™, LLC (ePL™).

“We felt we saw a hunger in our industry for some different kinds of learning, some new perspectives,” said ePL president Dean Ferrara. “As an industry, we’ve been dealing with the same problems for years, but there are individuals out there who’ve found new solutions to old problems. Part of what ePL does is to make those fresh discoveries available to more companies.”

According to Ferrara, the website provides interviews with industry experts, as well as information and learning opportunities for every function and position within an hvac service company. Content on the website is available 24 hours a day and eliminates the need to travel in order to participate in training.

Those who sign up as members of the site get unlimited access to learning content, as well as business software packages, such as estimating tools and a sales planning program.

For more information, call 303-798-1021 or go to (website).

Publication date: 05/13/2002