The SmartComfort™ DLX 90 is a low-profile, 92 percent AFUE gas furnace with single-stage heating. It is certified for either one-pipe or two-pipe direct vent installation. Both the primary and secondary heat exchangers are made of stainless steel. While the furnace comes set up for an upflow installation, it can be converted quickly to downflow, horizontal-left, or horizontal-right configurations, the company says; the furnaces come with all the parts needed for multiposition conversions. The units come in ranges from 50,000- to 125,000-Btuh input, including a 100,000-Btuh model for five-ton cooling applications. According to the manufacturer, the furnace has a built-in electronic diagnostic system, which can be used while the furnace is running.

Tempstar, International Comfort Products, P.O. Box 128, Lewisburg, TN 37091; 931-270-4222; 931-270-4166 (fax);

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