CHICAGO — A1A Ammonia 1 Additive Inc. announced the launch of two new refrigerant oil additives, LiquidCOLDT and A1A Ammonia1 AdditiveT. Both of these synthetics offer long-term savings from rising energy costs, says the company.

The products contain patented, high polarity bonding molecules that strip away the residual buildup that can reduce performance and efficiency, the company says. The bonded molecules create a single layer coating on the interior surfaces of the cooling system and blend with compressor oils to increase lubricity and heat transfer capability, says the manufacturer. These additives also form a molecular film on compressor bearings, protecting the compressor during start-up, and extending the life cycle for compressor oil and the time between oil changes, says the company.

"These products can make a significant impact on the bottom line of almost any budget," said Charles Holland, vice president.

Depending on the application, energy cost savings can vary from 10 to 40 percent with a return on investment of one year or less, the company states.