CHICAGO — Blygold America Inc., a subsidiary of Netherlands-based Blygold International, B.V., announced that it has licensed Mobile Temp Inc. of Geismar, La., as Blygold Baton Rouge to serve the HVACR industry in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Blygold protective coating products are used to protect HVACR coils and equipment installed in corrosive marine/industrial environments. Utilizing its PoluAl protective coating for finned-tube coils, Blygold Baton Rouge will now offer protective coating services to HVACR manufacturers, distributors, and contractors.

According to the company, PoluAl is a flexible, UV and impact resistant, metallic-impregnated, polyurethane coating designed for maximum corrosion protection. Its performance during accelerated testing not only meets or exceeds other protective coatings, but also minimizes the negative effects that coatings in general have on the performance of HVACR coils, says the company. Lernes Deshautelles, general manager of Mobile Temp, noted that he believes the standard three-year conditional warranty offered by Blygold America for PoluAl installed on aluminum-finned, copper-tube coils will give him an advantage in marketing this product to end users.