TRAVERSE CITY, MI — John Sedine and son Aaron of Lowing Heating & A/C of Grandville, MI, demonstrated the functions of Right-Suite design software from the Wrightsoft Corp. (Lexington, MA) to a roomful of attendees at the MIACCA convention.

John Sedine detailed the various features of the hvac automated design software. He noted that it is user-friendly and works well even if the user isn’t familiar with the parameters.

“If you make a miscalculation, the software will alert you to the error,” he said.

Right-Suite combines seven hvac design and marketing functions under one Windows program. These include: floor plan drawing; load calculation; duct sizing; geothermal loop sizing; radiant heating and snowmelt panel sizing; comparison of equipment system operating costs; and job cost estimating.

After setting the outside weather and infiltration conditions, users can describe the building by creating a Right-Draw drawing. As rooms, windows, doors, floors, and ceiling information is added, the Right-J load module performs heat loss and gain calculations.

Once the equipment is selected, Right-D sizes the ducts using the Right-Draw drawing. A cost estimate is also prepared based on the recommended equipment and user labor costs.

John Sedine gave the program high marks — as long as the person using it understands the software and the principles of design, such as those detailed in Manual J.

“If you don’t understand the basic design manuals, then the software won’t do you any good,” he said. “Right-Suite makes a good presentation, but you have to understand what you are doing.”

Publication date: 05/20/2002