CHANTILLY, VA — The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) has recently made available several technical publications on its website.

First, SMACNA is offering compli-mentary copies of the second edition of the “SMACNA CAD Standard” on its website, According to the association, the standard is designed to encourage consistency by building upon the second edition of the “National CAD Standard” (NCS) published by the National Institute of Building Sciences 2001. SMACNA also says that the standard will enable its contractors to apply CAD effectively to mechanical, fire protection, and plumbing design and construction. Also available for free at the SMACNA website is a technical paper reviewing specifications and requirements for zinc coating on galvanized steel ducts. The paper, titled “HVAC Duct Construction Standards — Metal and Flexible,” also details zinc coating thickness var-iations and includes the effect of imposing a universal requirement of G-60 and/or G-90 coating for all components.

Finally, SMACNA is offering “Kitchen Ventilation Systems and Food Service Equipment Fabrication and Installation Guidelines,” first edition. The guideline will assist in understanding the design, installation, construction, and balancing of both the exhaust and makeup air systems required in commercial kitchen ventilation.

The 199-page guide may be purchased for $83 by going to SMACNA’s website or by calling 703-803-2989.

Publication date: 11/19/2001