BUTTE, MT — The Montana Chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) recently merged with the Montana Independent Sheet Metal Contractors.

According to SMACNA, the merger of the two organizations will strengthen market share for the union sheet metal contractors in the state.

Also, this merger has brought 17 new contributors to the Industry Fund of the U.S. (IFUS), as well as eight new members for the Montana SMACNA chapter.

The new members include: A C Tin Man, B&B Heating and Air Conditioning, Billings Heating and Cooling Inc., Brennan Heating and Cooling Inc., Ductmasters Inc., Intermountain Heating and A/C, Liteiron Inc., and TinWorks Inc.

According to SMACNA, this brings the total membership of the Montana SMACNA chapter to 22 contractors, which represents a majority of the unionized sheet metal market in the state.

Publication date: 01/07/2002