MT. LAUREL, AL — Developers of homes in Mt. Laurel, a town 20 miles south of Birmingham, AL, have selected Carrier’s Puron-based units for their community. The project will involve approximately 700 homes. The units were chosen based on “environmental awareness.”

“Mt. Laurel [built on 500 acres] will serve as a national model for how to build a great community because of its dedication to the core values of the community, respect for nature, and commitment to the future,” said Nathan Norris, director of sales and marketing for Mt. Laurel.

The developers plan to install WeatherMaker with Puron Models 38TXA and 38YXA, delivering 12-14 SEER.

“The Carrier brand was chosen because it is well known for high quality performance, it is highly regarded by consumers, and Carrier is the only hvac manufacturer that could provide heating and cooling units with Puron refrigerant,” added Norris.

Publication date: 02/18/2002