The 12 Series compact, wall-mount, air-cooled ice and water dispensers with the Maestro™ icemaker produce compressed Chewblet™ nugget ice. The units store 12 lb (5.4 kg) of ice and make 400 lb (181 kg) of ice in a 24-hr period and use R-404A. Separate ice and water chutes and stainless steel exterior are standard. A companion water filter system ensures pure water quality and good taste, says the company. As it is 16-in. (406-mm) wide, it can be mounted over a sink or elsewhere. An optional stand with 6-in. (152-mm) adjustable legs is available for one model. SensorSAFE™ infrared dispensing, standard on 12HI400A and optional on other models, cuts down on cross-contamination and is easier to use, the manufacturer states. Also optional is a two-stage water filter system.

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