HUDSON, NH — Many existing New England homes are heated with hydronic systems; they do not have ductwork. Because of this, homeowners’ cooling options have been somewhat restricted: room (window) units, which can detract from the view indoors and are not aesthetically pleasing outdoors; or running ductwork and installing a central a/c system, which is cost-prohibitive.

In addition, larger room air conditioners can weigh over 100 lb. They must be reinstalled every year, or covered and uncovered outside. And they tend to make a lot of noise; they’re not called “window shakers” for nothing.

There is a cooling solution to this problem for homes with hydronic heating systems: ductless split systems. Manufacturer Mitsubishi points out that its ductless split, like others, is installed once. The unit hangs on the wall or from the ceiling, so homeowners don’t lose their window view.

And best of all, the manufacturer points out that its units are quiet. They are frequently installed in hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices.

Mitsubishi says that its typical ductless split system includes an outdoor unit and up to three indoor units. The contractor drills a 3-in. hole through the home’s wall for wiring and tubing connections.

The manufacturer’s “Mr. Slim” units come in cooling-only or heating-plus-cooling models. Dealers can be located by visiting www.mrslim (website).

Publication date: 06/18/2001