PORTLAND, OR — In a recent ceremony, one of Oregon’s largest electric utilities formally recognized Oregon Trane for its contributions to energy efficiency programs. As part of its annual practice of honoring partners most instrumental in advancing its energy efficiency mission, Portland General Electric (PGE) presented Oregon Trane with its 2001 Trade Ally of the Year award.

In a citation supporting the award, John P. Karasaki, new construction, retrofit commissioning, and hvac programs leader for the PGE National Earth Advantage Center, recognized the Trane team’s efforts and commitment.

“Trane Oregon provided equipment performance data, costs, and availability information quickly and willingly, showing an outstanding commitment to energy efficiency. Their high-efficiency units help building owners reduce operating expenses and do the right thing for the environment.”

According to Trane, its offering of packaged heat pumps and air conditioning units, all exceeding the requirements of the state energy code, has increased the effectiveness of an hvac rebate program from PGE. More than 200 such Trane units will be installed as a result of this year’s orders alone.

For more information, visit www.trane.com (website).

Publication date: 04/15/2002