LAVERNIA, TX — PowerCold Corp. will deliver two Nauticon evaporative condensers for evaluation in Hong Kong’s high humidity, harsh sea air environment. A Chinese engineering firm with close ties to local government agencies is testing the units as replacement condensers to be used on 20,000 existing commercial air conditioning systems in Hong Kong.

Besides Hong Kong’s governmental agencies, the Nauticon has been introduced to the private sector, architects, and engineering firms. According to PowerCold, the units have been well received.

The average size of the commercial air conditioning systems plus the redundancy requirement would mean that Hong Kong could need over 40,000 Nauticons for this anticipated conversion, which is to take place over the next 10 years.

According to PowerCold, under British rule, China limited the amount of water available to Hong Kong. As a result, all small to medium-sized commercial air conditioning units had to be air cooled in a humid environment high in salt air. With the return of Hong Kong to China, the central government is now mandating that over the next 10 years this conversion be made to reduce Hong Kong’s power usage.

PowerCold is currently negotiating a distribution agreement with a subsidiary of this publicly traded Chinese company and expects to ship these two initial units sometime in June.

Publication date: 06/03/2002