DALLAS , TX — Nortec says its NH Series of electrode steam humidifiers can be easily installed and require little maintenance. The units provide from 2 to 200 lb of clean steam per hour.

The systems can be connected to an hvac system or used with a blower pack in-direct space applications. A built-in microprocessor provides instantaneous updating of all operating parameters, and is compatible with most building management control systems.

Other systems on display included the “Airfog,” which provides from 2 to 25 lb/hr per nozzle; its “livesteam” steam-injection system for facilities with existing steam boilers with capacities up to 1,200 lb/hr for a single distributor, and up to 3,200 lb/hr for a multi-distributor system; and HP Series high-pressure nozzles.

The company also displayed its GH Series gas-fired humidifier, with capacities up to 400 lb/hr with multiple heat exchanger assemblies. They can be supplied with standard distributor or short absorption manifold for duct mounting, or with blower pack units for direct room distribution.