Alco Controls offers its HFK Balanced Port Thermo expansion valve in pre-packaged units.

Spence offers the Intimidator pneumatic control valve.
ATLANTA, GA — Here’s a brief review of what some of the valves and controls manufacturers were highlighting at the AHR Expo.

The Robertshaw 1500 M manual valve.
A-1 Components(Hialeah, FL) showcased the EAC-400 single-phase motor protector and the EAC-8002 three-phase linebacker motor protector. The 400 features an adjustable voltage range of 95-275 vac, anticipator for 24 vac controls, and adjustable delay-on-break timer. The 8002 features a wide voltage input range of 190-610 vac, universal control voltage (18-288 vac) and phase loss protection.

The Phoenix DataComm Sentri remote monitoring and control soultion.
Aeroquip(New Haven, IN) featured the Full-Flow Service Valve, touting it as the “Next Generation Service Valve.” It is designed for efficient full flow with low pressure drop, providing maximum performance, the company says. One quarter-turn, low-torque actuation is all that is needed to go from fully closed to fully open, says the company, making servicing simple and easy.

Alco Controls (Maryland Heights, MO) offered its HFK Balanced Port Thermo® expan-sion valve. The valve has interchangeable cages, power assemblies, and valve bodies for “maximum flexibility” in meeting expansion valve needs. The HFK prepackaged kits have the parts to assemble up to 380 different valves and are designed with the contractor in mind, says the manufacturer, lessening the need for a large inventory of parts.

Asco General Controls (Florham Park, NJ) announced the release of the new H113 Series double block gas shutoff valves. The design incorporates a single aluminum body containing two distinct shutoff valves and one new watertight Hydrmotor® actuator. An optional Posi-Prove system tests valve seal tightness and conducts a self-check automatically upon system start-up.

Siemens offers the VGD40 doubleseat gas valve with a new electronic valve actuator.
EDC International(Shelton, CT) introduced an updated version of the HPC-5/3 and HPC-5/7 head pressure controllers. The controllers employ solid-state electronics and do not breach the refrigeration system, making them cost-effective and easy to fit, says the company. They prevent excessive subcooling, which can occur at low ambient temperatures, down to -20°F.

Grasslin International Inc. (Mahwah, NJ) featured its Wizard evaporator control system. The system is four controls in one: temperature controller, multi-function defrost clock, refrigerant leak monitor, and datalogger. The Wizard is designed to control the room or zone temperatures and evaporator operations for large ammonia and halocarbon refrigeration systems.

Heat-Timer Corp. (Fairfield, NJ) promoted its SEQ-6P sequen-cer with pump control. It is engineered for boiler systems where each boiler has its own secondary pump. The switch can lead/lag and control up to six on/off stages and their secondary pumps. The SEQ-6P can also act as a stand-alone setpoint control, taking input from a temperature sensor and then adding or subtracting stages to maintain the setpoint, according to the manufacturer.

Sporlan Valve Co. added the CDS-17 Valve to its line of electronic suction control valves.
>Henry Technologies(Melrose Park, IL) offered a CD-ROM 2000-2001 Product Catalog, which includes product information about its compressor protective devices (AC&R Components), heat transfer products and pressure vessels (Chil-Con Products), and flow control products (Henry Valve). In addition to product descriptions and specifications, the catalog contains “Tech Tips” which highlight common installation and maintenance questions.

Intec Controls, Inc. (La Jolla, CA) featured a new, compact motorized 0-10 vdc and tri-state zone global valve. These valves are compatible with electronic analog and ddc systems, says the company, and can be used for modulating control in hot and chilled water applications such as vav reheat, fancoil, baseboard, and compact a/c units. The new zone valves complement the entire globe valve line from 1¼2 to 6 in.

Invensys Control Systems (Dublin, OH) introduced the new Robertshaw® 1500 M manual valve. The key features of the valve include high-temperature rating, flange-mount readiness, compact design for application flexibility, patented over-mold sealing technology, and a design that allows for easier serviceability. It can be used in vented and unvented gas hearth fireplaces, space heaters, and infrared patio heaters, says the company.

ITT Industries (Morton Grove, IL) introduced a wide variety of new products including Bell & Gossett’s GPX P-Series plate-and-frame heat exchangers. Techno-logic 500 and Technologic 5500 pump controllers were featured, as were McDonnell & Miller’s 157E low-water cutoff control and Domestic Pump’s Unilogic pump controller. The ITT Fluid Handling booth also offered centrifugal pumps, hydronic specialties, steam products, and electronic commerce solutions.

Kavlico (Moorpark, CA) said the big news at Kavlico was its acquisition by C-MAC Industries, Inc. The acquisition, which was announced last October, strengthened C-MAC’s position in the transportation and industrial electronics market, according to a company spokesperson. Kavlico specializes in micro-electromechanical systems as well as ceramic capacitive, silicon piezoresistive, and electromechanical technologies.

Parker Hannifin Corp.’s Refrigerating Specialties Division (Broadview, IL) spotlighted its new line of improved industrial solenoid valves, which the company expects to be available worldwide in late spring of 2001. According to the company, the new solenoid valves are smaller and lighter, with improved molding for enhanced watertight performance. The valves also meet the higher pressure ratings for newer refrigerants, up to 450 psi.

Parker also showcased hand valves with bonnet extensions to ensure that the stem and packing nut are located outside the insulation and vapor barrier envelopes; features include stainless steel trim, reliable back seating, and threaded, socket, or butt weld connections. Other valves offered include Parker’s V2 and V3 Unibody valves, all-steel-bodied hand valves designed to seat tight and permit isolation of small system components.

Phoenix DataComm, Inc. (Norristown, PA) introduced Sentri™, a “remote monitoring and control solution for the hvacr industry.” The Sentri consists of a DataComm 1000™ communications device that connects to a variety of industry standard sensors to monitor and control assets such as package units, chillers, water cooling towers, heat pumps, gas furnaces, etc., monitoring and tracking critical temperature and operational status data.

Rawal Devices, Inc. (Waterbury, CT) highlighted the APR Control, which provides level and consistent temperature and humidity control. Features include matching changing load conditions to provide system dehumidification and temperature control. Control for high-percentage makeup air systems eliminates excessive compressor cycling, says the company, and permits multiple evaporator zoning with a single compressor condensing unit.

Siemens (Buffalo Grove, IL) showed off its new VDG40 double gas valves, which are available in sizes from 1 1/2 to 6 in. The valve has a patented double-seated design, producing high flow rates and increased pressure ratings. The valve can be fitted with any of the existing SKP Series actuators to perform a combination of pressure regulating and air/gas ratio control functions, in addition to the double-safety shut-off function.

Spence Engineering Co. (Walden, NY) unveiled two new valves. The Intimidator pneumatic control valve provides “precise control” through a newly designed 36- and 60-sq-in actuator/yoke assembly. It features a spring-loaded packing assembly that reduces maintenance costs while reducing fugitive emissions, says the manufacturer. The Series “K” pneumatic control valve offers class IV shutoff against the full rated pressure of the valve, making it the “economical choice” for commercial, hvac, and light industrial applications, according to the company.

Sporlan Valve Company (Washington, MO) introduced the CDS-17 valve, part of a line of electronic suction control valves. The valve is designed to respond to signals in an electronic controller and sensor, and then regulate the proper temperature in the evaporator.

The CDS-17 can control multiple evaporators and can replace mechanical EPR valves, suction stop solenoid valves, and conventional thermostats.

Titus (Richardson, TX) expanded its Web presence with a redesigned website, The website now utilizes a “news-driven” format, with regularly updated features on new products, tools, and activities regarding the company and the air distribution industry.

One of the products featured by Titus is the Zcom® Zone Manager, which allows for individual zone comfort, improved IAQ, and interfaces with low-cost unitary equipment.

White-Rodgers (St. Louis, MO) introduced a retrofit kit for replacement of silicon carbide hot surface ignition (HSI) modules with new silicon nitride (SiN) ignitors.

The kit is designed with a universal bracket set and wiring harness, so it will replace any brand of silicon carbide HSI module, says the company.

Publication date: 02/19/2001