eForay Corp. (Natural Bridge Station, VA) announces that its HVACindustry.com website has launched HVAC Mart, a feature which allows contractors, engineers, purchasing managers, and others to buy and sell equipment or components online. HVAC Auction will soon be launched as well, allowing potential buyers to bid on items placed on the site by other members.

IDEAL Scanners & Systems, Inc. (Rockville, MD) launches its Digital Container high-end dual server, which allows drawings to be scanned and viewed across multiple platforms for online, browser-based proofing. For additional information, contact 301-468-0123 ext. 1239; phebert@ideal.com (e-mail).

IDEAL also releases its 50-in.-wide Color ScanCENTRAL, a high-speed, high-fidelity scan-to-print system for scanning, printing, and copying of large-format originals including photographs, color renderings, and artwork. It can be integrated with Digital Container. For additional information, contact 301-468-0123 ext. 1230; kmagenheim@ideal.com (e-mail).

Publication date: 09/04/2000