LANHAM, MD — A new commercial has been developed by the mechanical Contractors And Unions Seal of Excellence (CAUSE). The organization represents steamfitters and plumbers. The new 30-second ad features three young union apprentices. It is designed to encourage other young people to consider a career in the mechanical trades.

The three apprentices are Jason Lowery and Shirley Ogle, who are members of Steamfitters Local 602, and Jeff Kinney, a member of Plumbers Local 5. “Like every other industry, from nursing to teaching, we face the challenge of attracting qualified employees in today’s high-employment environment,” said John Dunleavy, CAUSE chairman.

At the conclusion of the commercial, viewer are shown a toll-free number for CAUSE to follow up on the career opportunity. For more on this organization, call 888-731-0337 or visit (website).