The Coleman® mini display trailer, currently touring the country, recently visited Johnstone Supply in Sacramento, Calif.
NORMAN, Okla. - The Coleman® brand of York, a Johnson Controls company, is now offering a residential HVAC showcase on wheels to its distributors. The Coleman mini display consists of an 8-foot by 12-foot trailer that attaches to the back of an SUV or light pickup truck with a trailer hitch.

Coleman's goal is for each distributor to purchase their own customized mobile showcase, which they can then make available to their dealers to use at consumer events like mall and home shows.

"The mini display trailer is a great way to showcase our products and allow the homeowners to hear how quiet they are," said Andy Fracica, Coleman brand manager.

"We now have a trailer that is versatile enough to take a complete, fully functioning installation right to the homeowner."

The inside of the mini display trailer contains a fully operating Coleman 13 SEER air conditioning unit as well as a 9V furnace.
Designed to look like a house, the ramp leading up to the Coleman mini display trailer is covered with artificial turf and lined with a picket fence. As visitors walk up the ramp and enter the unit, it features both an indoor and outdoor display. The left side features the outdoor setting, complete with a 15 SEER unit, while the right side features the indoor setting and a 9V furnace. The mini display trailer also contains IAQ equipment, including an ultraviolet light, an electronic air filter, and a programmable talking thermostat.

Equipped with its own generator, the Coleman mini display trailer enables the HVAC units on display to operate anywhere, even if power is not available in the vicinity.

The trailer can be customized to include business names and logos on the outside of the trailer. Other optional upgrades include an interactive kiosk, units with cutaway panels, and a tabletop display.

Publication date: 06/19/2006