ATLANTA, GA — There’s a new kid on the block, giving hvacr contractors an alternative choice for profitable ways to grow their businesses. GroupStrata, LLC, an hvac business development consulting firm, has been operating for five months and has taken on 32 contractor clients thus far. GroupStrata provides a proprietary, turnkey business development program for independent hvac contractors. The firm’s goal is to take each client to the next level of profitable sales. “Instead of focusing on cutting costs in the middle, our focus is driving top-line, profitable sales,” said Mark Pedersen, president of GroupStrata. “Our goal is to teach our exclusive clients how to grow profitable sales between 20% to 40% per year during the next three years.” Of GroupStrata’s first 32 clients, eight have annual revenue in the range of $5 million to $12 million. Another 14 clients have annual revenue in the range of $2 million to $5 million, and the other ten clients range from $1 million to $2 million — all high numbers by the industry average. Pedersen added that his company takes an upfront look at every client as part of its working agreement. “We do a complete onsite evaluation of each business and develop an action plan for it,” he said. GroupStrata’s primary goals are:
  • To teach its clients how to think like — and become — an aggressive retailer, not a contractor; and
  • To dramatically reduce the seasonality of the client’s business by normalizing sales and profitability month-to-month, with a balanced and aggressive weekly marketing plan.
  • “We do monthly monitoring in which we track key numbers to follow the progress of the program or see what numbers are digressing — which need to be addressed,” said Pedersen. GroupStrata joins a number of hvacr contractor groups, such as Excellence Alliance and Airtime 500, that offer a number of bundled services, including marketing and sales tips, to their contractor members. Pedersen added that GroupStrata will not allow any more than one client for every 500,000 metropolitan service area (MSA) population, which limits the client base. But he said his group is not “membership driven.” Rather, it has one distinct objective. “Our number one goal is to teach and help our clients become the most profitable and successful hvac contracting [firms] in their given markets. The industry didn’t hire us to change the industry. Our clients hired us to help show them the road map to much greater potential through greater customer satisfaction.”

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    Publication date: 10/30/2000