WILMINGTON, DE — DuPont Suva® 134a refrigerants has initiated a program aimed at helping the automotive aftermarket installers and resellers communicate that they use and sell only the highest quality refrigerant.

DuPont hopes its “Confidence Plus” Program will reinforce its commitment to protecting the environment and reduce the potential of cross-contamination. DuPont said its program’s services include an in-shop display for installers to communicate to their customers that DuPont Suva 134a was installed, discounts on System Guard® tamper-evident sleeves to protect the air-conditioning system, and discounts on Bright Solutions’ oem-approved leak detection dye system.

Martin Drigotas, manager of DuPont Suva refrigerants for the automotive market, said, “We want to support reseller and installer efforts to demonstrate confidence in terms of not only delivering the highest quality refrigerant, but also in terms of helping to guard against air conditioning system refrigerant contamination and helping to reduce callbacks by identifying the source of leaks.”

For more information, visit DuPont Suva at www.dupont.com/suva/na/ usa/aa (website).

Publication date: 02/05/2001