DES PLAINES, IL — The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) has decided to make its technical training materials available to those who are not members of the organization.

Jack Hasick, CM, RSES president, said, “For the first time, RSES can say yes to any inquiry regarding its training programs. It will now be possible for others to obtain the information RSES has to offer.”

Robb Isaacs, CMS, RSES executive vice president, added that there are others who will benefit from the opportunity to use the organization’s training materials, in addition to nonmember contractors.

“For years, all we could offer corporations or schools was the opportunity to customize training materials,” he said. “While still a viable option for those organizations with very specific needs, a large number of technicians, students, and employees will now be able to access our existing materials.”

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Publication date: 03/19/2001