LAS VEGAS, NV — Quality Technical Training (QTT) Center has expanded its curriculum and added a new and larger facility to provide additional training space for its programs in heating, air conditioning, and plumbing. The school recently opened a 7,200-sq-ft facility just minutes from its existing 2,700-sq-ft school to provide training for visiting techs from every part of the country. Although many of Las Vegas’ hvac and plumbing contracting companies hire graduates from QTT, the school is now reaching out to service contractors nationwide, and has designed new courses of study that allow students to learn from a distance. These new training programs begin with a correspondence course. Books are sent to the student and the material is learned at the student’s individual pace, with tests graded by instructors at QTT. Once the correspondence part of the training is complete, students then come to Las Vegas for intensive, hands-on instruction. Classes are held 10 hours a day for six straight days. For more information, contact QTT at 800-858-2653, ext. 122, or visit the company’s website

Publication date: 01/15/2001