ATLANTA, GA — Here is a roundup of all else that was announced, exhibited, or featured at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition, held here earlier this year.


Solaronics, the Rochester, MI-based manufacturer of gas infrared heaters, featured a number of their products for AHR Expo attendees.

Among the items was the new Residential Garage Heater, a stand-alone system that brings radiant heat to a variety of hard-to-heat spaces. The company touts the heater as a good “add-on” product for residential hvac contractors. It is targeted for home hobbyists who use their garages for leisure activities.

The company also showcased its Suntube IV, a premium line of low intensity gas infrared heaters. Typical applications for the product includes auto dealerships, body shops, warehouses, sports facilities, and the like. The company said the heaters are especially popular for use at light rail system platforms, where passengers get warm relief from winter temperatures. The heaters also reduce the build-up or ice and snow at the rail station platforms.

The DoorJet heater was developed to “blast in-rushing cold air” when outside bay doors are opened in industrial plants and warehouses. These heaters are designed to operate economically on natural gas and help reduce the cost of heating buildings by preventing an influx of cold air, which would strain the building’s system while compensating for the sudden heat loss. Besides reducing costs, an important goal of the heater’s design is to keep employees comfortable.

GRISWOLD CONTROLS Highlights Valve Lines

Garry McCoppin, president of Griswold Controls (Irvine, CA), welcomed members of the press at his company’s press breakfast meeting. Stating that Griswold is “in the business of keeping people comfortable,” McCoppin talked about his company’s core products.

“Our core product is the control valve,” he stated. “And our growth product is the actuated valve, mainly due to the industry moving away from the globe valve.”

Griswold introduced the SM Valve, which he termed a “pressure independent” valve. McCoppin said the valve’s main function is to keep exact temperatures at all times and cited the company’s latest project, a correctional facility in Oregon, as a strong example of the need for consistent temperature control.

TACO ANNOUNCES ‘Revoutionary’ Moves

Taco, Inc. (Cranston, RI) kicked off an ambitious 2001 campaign with a press conference at the expo. Taco president John White Jr. welcomed invitees to a “live webcast” from the Taco exhibit booth.

Ed Nowak and his crew from, which is sponsored by Taco, produced the webcast. White added that his company “is delighted to be a part of,” and said that the company is beginning to line up other sponsors for this “revolutionary breakthrough for the hvacr industry.”

Taco is making some other “revolutionary” moves in 2001. The company is introducing a comprehensive new line of vertical pumps. The KV/KS Series of vertical in-line and vertical split coupled in-line pumps comprise a total of 42 pumps, with 21 different sized pumps in each series. White said his company is positioning to aggressively go after the commercial building trades in 2001, as witnessed by the company’s new vertical pump line. “The pumps have been completely designed and built from scratch. They will be a catalyst for Taco’s continued growth.”


Titus, the Richardson, TX-based company that touts itself as “the leader in air management,” introduced its new R-Omni diffuser at the expo. The diffuser is designed for architectural ceilings and facilities with exposed ductwork.

The R-Omni has a face that is removable for easy installation, damper adjustment, and cleaning. It is available in duct connections from 8- to 14-in. and can flow up to 1,000 cfm in a full 360-degree pattern, said the manufacturer.

“The R-Omni takes advantage of the popular architectural look,” said Steve Trigger, product manager. Trigger also added that the diffuser could be custom painted to match any application. The R-Omni can be configured for use with or without ceilings, for horizontal or vertical projection.


Erico (Solon, OH) says its new Pipe PierÔ is specifically designed for easy support of equipment, steel pipe, copper pipe, and electrical conduit to roof or floor surfaces. Erico introduced its new product at the expo.

According to the company, Pipe Pier is designed to reduce installation time by eliminating on-site cutting, drilling, and measuring of commonly used wood blocks while protecting the rooftop membrane from damage. Erico said Pipe Pier standardizes the installation of air conditioning units, refrigeration units, and other rooftop equipment and provides numerous mounting positions and clamping options.

The standard Pipe Pier consists of a block (footprint is 10 1/2 in. by 4 in.) of UV-rated, closed-cell Ethafoam polyethylene foam. According to the company, the foam absorbs vibrations and shock and the cushioning surface accommodates expansion and contracting of piping. A 10 1/2-in. piece of EristrutÔ strut is bonded into the block of foam, allowing Pipe Pier to be used with standard strut clamps and accessories. The product comes in a lightweight bundle of ten (weighing 10 lbs). The 10-pack unit is easily carried to the roof, said the company.

GREENHECK SHOWCASES Quick Delivery Program

Greenheck, the Schofield, WI-based manufacturer of ventilation equipment, rolled out its new Quick Delivery Program at the expo.

The company lists several benefits of what it calls the “industry’s most complete selection of air moving products and services.”

  • When an order is received by noon (Central Time), Greenheck will ship the same day from one of its four distribution centers. If the order comes in after noon, it is shipped the next day.
  • The QD Online service is a 24/7 method or ordering parts online. Once a customer registers, Greenheck and a local representative will create an online account for each customer. Customers sending in their first online order also receive a free gift (go to to find out what it is).
  • Quick Build is a line of products that can be ordered in 1-, 3-, 5-, 10-, and 15-day cycles. This is available to customers who want a product fast that is not currently in stock. Greenheck manufacturing plants are located in Schofield; Sacramento, CA; and Frankfort, KY.
  • Publication date: 03/19/2001