TORONTO, ON, Canada — An Oklahoma refrigerant company has found a way to keep CFCs in the pipeline by going well beyond traditional hvacr suppliers. Iceberg Refrigerant of Oklahoma City, OK, used exhibit time at the 15th-annual Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) conference here to talk about the concept.

Booth officials said the company basically receives refrigerants that were intended for pharmaceutical industry uses as part of a propellant for asthma inhalers, but were rejected for reasons unrelated to the quality of the refrigerant.

Iceberg then “receives the mixed virgin refrigerants, separates them into their pure components, and packages the pure components for use in the refrigeration industry,” booth personnel said. Refrigerants include CFCs-11, -12, and -114, plus HFC-134a.

The separation is accomplished by distillation and processing through a 45-ft column that has 25 stages of separation. Each batch is analyzed onsite, and a sample is sent to an ARI-certified lab for an independent analysis to ensure the meeting of ARI 700 specifications, according to the company.

For information, contact Iceberg at 405-236-4255.

Publication date: 11/03/2000