LITTLE ROCK, AR — When contractors ask Bill Lusk why should they create a website, the owner of Media Graphics and Communications (Leslie, AR) is quick with a reply.

“I turn around and ask them, ‘Why not have a website?’” Lusk said. “I ask them if they want to market their business, and if so, this is the way to do it.”

Lusk was one of the speakers at the Arkansas Hvacr Contractors 2001 State Conference, held here recently. During his presentation “Why the Internet is Important to Your Business,” Lusk informed attendees how a friend was overwhelmed with success from having a website.

“He put up firewood to sell — firewood!” Lusk said. “He eventually had to take down the site because he was getting orders for firewood from all over the country. He ran out!” Lusk said that his friend was able to pay for his initial website costs in short order. In his estimation, all it takes is one good order to pay for a website. And most of the costs are up front, too.

“Once a website is built, it’s done,” said Lusk, who has produced many websites for customers, including, a popular Arkansas site. “Maintenance is very simple after that.”

Lusk cited the simplicity of making changes to the website once it is up and running. He said updated information, such as pricing and new products, can be added with the click of a mouse and cause little disruption on the website.

“You can change information immediately,” he said.

Lusk told Arkansas contractors that it is important to maintain and promote the website. The key, he pointed out, is to have one — period.

“A website is an investment. It is all part of the bigger scheme, like making an investment in your inventory,” he said. “People aren’t going to take you seriously unless you have a website, because everybody else has one.”

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Publication date: 06/18/2001