WASHINGTON, DC — Anthony J. Occhionero, executive director of the American Gas Cooling Center (AGCC), has commended the Bush administra-tion’s energy plan, which acknowledges the benefits of combined heat and power (CHP) systems. But, Occhionero adds that he is disappointed at the lack of initiatives to promote distributed energy resources (DER), particularly in view of the administration’s emphasis on a diversified energy mix.

On May 24, Occhionero had the opportunity to address a roomful of Senate staff on the subject of natural gas cooling and its role in heating and power systems. The one-hour briefing was requested by the staff of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and coordinated by the U.S. Combined Heat & Power Association (USCHPA).

“Distributed energy technologies, such as natural gas cooling and on-site power generation, are resource-efficient, environmentally sound, and readily available technologies that free up existing electric generation, transmission, and distribution facilities and delay or obviate altogether the need to construct new facilities,” said Occhionero. “They provide the diversity of energy resources that customers need to manage energy costs more effectively.

“Our nation’s energy policy should not only prominently feature DER, but should recommend that customers receive incentives to install DER systems.”

Occhionero also praised the energy plan’s recommendation for favorable tax treatment for CHP systems and noted that CHP systems featuring natural gas cooling and on-site power generation are particularly well-suited for supplying the unusually intensive energy needs of computer data centers and server farms.

Publication date: 06/04/2001