PORTLAND, OR — Better bricks.com has a strong message for employers and employees: The key to an enhanced bottom line is all about providing a more comfortable place to work.

This online resource encourages interaction among commercial building owners and occupants, developers, builders, and designers to understand the impact temperature control, air quality, and lighting have on workplace productivity. It offers commercial contractors an opportunity to link up with potential retrofit projects.

“Companies invest a lot of money in their people, so they should have a vested interest in creating buildings that keep people productive and healthy,” says Mike O’Brien, project manager, North-west Energy Efficiency Alliance, sponsor of betterbricks. com.

At the Web site, a help desk links to a select group of betterbricks.com advisors who can meet, on-site, with a client and assist with the diagnosis of existing problems.

For more information, contact the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, attn: Stacey Hobart; 503-827-8416 ext. 228; shobart@nwalliance.org (e-mail).