A larger model has been added to the company’s line of dc-powered hermetic fractional-horsepower compressors, which are suitable for a variety of applications including refrigerators for off-grid homes and medical coolers, the company says. The type BD50F will operate at a continuous heel of 30 degrees, and is designed for low to high evaporating temperatures with R-134a, at capacities from 68 to 754 Btu. The BD Series’ electronics control the speed of the compressor from 2,000 to 3,500 rpm as selected by the user, to adjust capacity to the requirements of an evaporator. Danfoss Inc., Automatic Controls Division, 7941 Corporate Drive, Baltimore, MD 21236; 410-931-8250; 410-931-8256 (fax); www.danfoss.com (Web site).