WESTPORT, CT — The numbers for the 2001 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating (AHR) Expo in Atlanta, GA, have been tallied up and broken down. Manufacturer agents/reps made up the largest registered group of attendants, numbering 5,042, or 18.82% of the total of 26,785 registered attendants.

Contractor/dealers (hvacr) were the next-largest attending group, with 4,910 registered, according to the International Exposition Co. here. This is a substantial drop in contractor numbers, which had been holding steady at around 30% of the total. This year they numbered 18.33%.

Last year, an estimated 7,640 hvacr contractors of all types — residential, commercial, and refrigeration — showed up in Dallas, TX for the 2000 AHR Expo.

The third-largest group (4,831) at this year’s Expo was comprised of “manufacturers, hvacr, allied equipment and components,” making up 18.04% of the total. Wholesale-distributors numbered 3,178, putting them in the fourth-highest category.

And the fifth-highest category (2,285) came from “other,” making up 8.53% of the total. (Note: These figures do not include 300-plus students registered for the Expo.)

Publication date: 03/12/2001