There’s a new Web site in town looking for hvac contractors and homeowners: The website, produced by the American Contractors Exchange, is putting maintenance and repair work a mouse-click away for consumers. The Web site, launched in early December, assists homeowners with technical repairs for hvac, plumbing, and electrical problems.

Ruth King, president of American Contractors Exchange, said the Web site is slowly catching on but is getting some solid leads each day.

When visiting the website, homeowners can ask questions and learn energy-saving tips, such as how to properly adjust a thermostat, caulking and weather stripping, planting trees, cleaning the garbage disposal, and changing air filters.

They are also given things to check before scheduling service. These include “common sense” ideas such as checking to see if a breaker switch is on, etc. Homeowners who request service are given the name of local contractors and ensured they will be contacted within 2 hrs during normal business hours. They are ensured that all contractors are licensed and insured, and that will send a follow-up e-mail within three days after the service work was performed.

Contractors willing to participate in the program must meet certain criteria set by the American Contractors Exchange.

Some of the criteria include becoming a member of the Exchange, a minimum of $500,000 in revenues per year, independent ownership, having required licenses and insurance, and abiding by a Code of Ethics.

“All hvac contractors will have to have e-mail address and Web sites within the next two years,” King said. And the contractors who participate in will have an added distinction.

“This is a site where consumers can find contractors they can trust,” King said.

Contractors who want more information can visit the Web site or call American Contractors Exchange at 800-511-6844.