How efficiently are you running your contracting company? The more efficient and productive you can make your company, the greater profits you will realize at year-end.

Are your employees putting in 40-hr work weeks? Are your middle managers able to curtail some of their previously needed overtime? Are you able to occasionally sneak out of the office to “hit the greens” without having a panic attack?

Are your customers happy and your competitors envious?

Or, is everyone in your office stressed out about too much work and not enough time in the day? Are the files taking a big portion of your precious office space? Do you feel you can’t afford to take a day off from work? Does it seem that everyone around you is working hard, and yet things are still not getting done in a timely manner? Is customer satisfaction waning?

Inefficiency wastes time and money

In many hvacr businesses, countless hours are wasted daily.

Often the heart of the business is in the files. The same files are demanding on the company space and your employees’ time. How much time is spent filing, retrieving, and refiling files?

This old method of doing business is extremely counterproductive and inefficient.

Getting rid of the files altogether, or simply reducing them and relying on a computer system, is a no-brainer. Without the mountain of files, you will find that the time (workhours to do a job) and space savings will lower your operational costs, thereby saving money.

If your office has moved into the technology age and left the paper trail behind, you have taken a step in the right direction. Now it is time to examine your computer system to see if it is actually the best industry-specific system you can have in today’s market.

If you are running separate computers for different tasks or various software programs, you are losing productivity. The loss of productivity directly affects your bottom line.

Take control of the workflow

In order to achieve greater efficiency in the workplace, you must take control of your workflow. Once you are able to take control, your employees will work faster and smarter.

You will literally stretch the day, not by increasing the working hours, but by improving efficiency.

A specifically designed computer system that allows multitasking and shared data will allow your employees to work in cooperation. No extra time will be spent on double entry of items.

Since the data is fully shared by all computer users, employees are able to find their answers with the touch of a button. Your employees will be able to work effortlessly, which encourages cooperation and simplifies coordination.

Options for the future

With your employees working faster and smarter, you will gain the competitive edge. By cutting costs and increasing efficiency you will raise the profit margin. However, you must always be looking a few paces down the road.

In the near future, you may want to explore the option of extending your resources beyond your office environment with remote employees. Extending the workspace allows people to be able to work wherever and whenever they want. This is not just a plus for employees, but also cuts down on the overhead for the company.

If your technicians prefer to check their scheduled calls from home before heading out to their first job, your system should be able to connect them to office resources. This cuts down on workhours, increases efficiency, and should result in a quicker response time for customers.

Technology should pay for itself. Productivity with less effort allows businesses to grow, deliver higher quality services, and compete in today’s market. It’s all about the bottom line — and time’s a wastin’.

Tuttle, of Team Management Systems, Inc., developer of industry-specific software, can be reached at 800-299-7351.