Targeting contractors interested in general subjects relating to the air movement, air control, and airflow measurement products industry, the 1999 AMCA Standards Handbook is now available for review and/or comment.

The review period is anticipated to extend through September 2000 and includes the following eight standards:

  • BSR/AMCA 99-0098, “Basic Series of Preferred Numbers”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2404, “Drive Arrangements for Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2405, “Inlet Box Positions for Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2406, “Desig-nation for Rotation and Discharge of Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2407, “Motor Positions for Belt or Chain Drive Industrial Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2410, “Drive Arrangements for Tubular Centrifugal Fans”;

  • BSR/AMCA 99-2413, “Dimensions for Industrial Centrifugal Fans”; and

  • BSR/AMCA 99-3404, “Drive Arrangements for Axial Fans with or without Evase and Inlet Box.”

To obtain any of the above copies, contact Joseph A. Brooks, AMCA Engineering Director, at 847-394-0150 (phone); 847-253-0088 (fax); or (e-mail).