There is no way to succeed at what you do if there is no passion.

If your techs think your company is a bad place to work and the pay is poor, you can bet that their work reflects it. The same is true for salespeople who see work as a grind. No wonder their sales have slipped.

Motivation comes from the top, and that means you. There are three keys to keeping a passionate spark in your work:

1. Take pride in the product. How could a prospect get excited about a product that you are not excited about? How can you sell something if, deep down, you feel it is overpriced? How can you effectively convey an installation time you have no faith in?

2. Let your passion show. Have your salespeople respond to questions about your company and coach them on their response. Use questions like, “What is it that ABC does that is better than XYZ,” “How can you demonstrate that ABC cares,” and “If price and features were the same in ABC and XYZ, why should I buy from ABC?”

These questions will probe the salesperson for sound reasons, real answers, and a better understanding of why you’re better than the competition.

3. Believe in yourself. What is it that keeps your sales closing ratio lower than it needs to be? Identify the problem, address it, and correct it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’ll be better next month.

You must take steps for improvement if you expect improvement. This leads to a renewed confidence in the spirit of change.

Luquire is president of Service Thrust Organization. For more information, call 800-738-4808.

Publication date: 09/11/2000