Baltimore Aircoil showcased its new control packages, which can work with its cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, and evaporative condensers.
CHICAGO - A wide array of new commercial cooling equipment was displayed at the 2006 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo). Everything from chillers and cooling towers to split systems and rooftop units were available to be seen and touched at the show.

Airease ( unveiled its new line of package units available in 13 and 15 SEER. New features include a louvered cabinet design, and the option of R-22 or R-410A refrigerant. The company claims these models are more energy efficient and durable, offering flexible installation and easy service.

Airedale ( showcased its ClassMate HE for the school market. The new 13 SEER units utilize R-401A and feature a two-stage scroll compressor, which offers part-load capabilities. Other benefits include ECM fan technology, enhanced high-efficiency cross-rifle tubed condenser coils, and a modulating economizer damper, which can provide 100 percent free cooling, powered exhaust.

Amcot Cooling Towers ( introduced its lightweight PlexCoil tubing for its fluid coolers. PlexCoil is made of an engineered polymer developed for fluid energy transfer system applications. Compared to copper coil, PlexCoil tubing features no brazed joints, improved scale shedding, resistance to corrosion, and a smoother external surface.

American Power Conversion ( introduced a range of InfraStruXure compatible modular cooling solutions to support the delivery of precise and predictable cooling to high density loads. The InfraStruXure InRow RC is a modular cooling solution that is installed next to the IT equipment rack in applications ranging from small computer rooms to large data centers. The company stated that the unit will predictably deliver up to 30 kW of cooling to IT equipment located in the row.

Armstrong Air ( introduced a new full line of package units. Available in R-22 and R-410A, the units come in gas, electric, and heat pump packages. The 15 SEER unit is equipped with the Copeland Comfort Alertâ„¢ diagnostic system. This feature helps technicians solve problems quickly and efficiently, according to the company.

Axima Refrigeration ( featured its new Quantum liquid chilling units for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The liquid chillers feature oil-free turbo compressors and highly efficient heat exchangers with modern electronic controls. The Quantum Series has a refrigerating capacity range of 250 to 2,100 kW and features up to seven parallel two-staged radial turbo compressors.

Baltimore Aircoil ( showcased its new control packages, which are designed to work with all BAC units, including cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, and evaporative condensers. Spokesman Glen Babcock stated that the controls can ship with the BAC equipment and ensure a one-stop shop for customers. The controls feature pre-engineered variable frequency drives, safety switches, and a common enclosure for fan motor and pump motor starters.

Bard ( highlighted its new S Series wall-mounted air conditioner with R-410A. Spokesman Dick Hanna said that the unit is ideal for new construction, modular applications, school modernization, telecommunication structures and more. The unit is available in 3- to 5-ton with EER ratings up to 11.7 and integrated part load value efficiency up to 15.2 Btu/watt.

Members of the Airedale team discuss innovations like 13 SEER units utilizing R-401A and the ClassMate HE with attendees of this year’s Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition.
Berner International( revealed its new In-Ceiling air curtain, which is available in lengths ranging from 36 to 72 inches. The air curtain is designed to protect door openings without taking away from the overall design of the space, as all internal components are hidden above the ceiling. The self-contained system is suitable for all ceiling types.

ClimaCool ( featured its new Flex Series modular, water-cooled chillers. The chiller's compact design allows for easy access to existing, hard to get at equipment rooms for replacement or new renovation. The modules can be connected to meet project tonnage and can pass through 30 inch openings. Other benefits include low noise levels, low refrigerant charge, and low access costs.

ClimateMaster ( introduced Tranquility20, a single speed commercial geothermal system. R-410A scroll and rotary compressors are standard and the single stage version is available in sizes from 1.5- to 6-ton. The company also announced that ClimaDry is now available in the Tranquility27 Series commercial water-source heat pump. The units feature two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressors and an ECM fan motor, coupled with R-410A. This commercial equipment is available in sizes from 2- to 5.5-ton.

Fedders ( introduced an expanded line of wall-mounted products, which includes the new 12 SEER (10.3 EER) efficiency for its VA (air conditioning) and HA (heat pump) series. The new wall mounts will be marketed under the Eubank and Sun brands. Another new line of wall-mount products, the FV (air conditioning) and FH (heat pump) series, will be marketed with the Fedders name.

Haier ( launched its new through the wall air conditioners. According to the company, the unit is 2 to 3 inches narrower and 1.5 to 2.75 inches shorter than other leading air conditioning units. The unit contains EnviroCleanâ„¢ coils that prevent the corrosion of internal aluminum parts. Complete with electronic controls and a remote control, the unit includes a universal trim kit.

Lennox ( unveiled its HS/HP29 3- to 20-ton air conditioners and heat pumps. Standard features such as high- and low-pressure switches, crankcase heaters and minimum compressor run times improve unit durability, according to the company. The company also featured its S-Classâ„¢ 35- to 50-ton rooftop units. Manufactured with R-22 or R-410A, S-Class units feature energy recovery wheels, economizers, demand control ventilation, and variable frequency drives. The expanded T-Classâ„¢ rooftop units were also highlighted. The 13 SEER units feature thermal expansion valves and tonnages ranging from 3 to 25 for gas heat, cooling only (with field-installed electric heat), and heat pump models (maximum 20-tons).

David Shuford of Marvair points out the features of the company’s new Scholar III heat pumps and air conditioners.
Marley( introduced its MC Series cooling towers. The MCP fiberglass tower is constructed out of three plug and play modules, making it easy to ship anywhere in the world. According to global product manager, Andrew Ross, "These towers fit in a 40-foot container and can be put together in six hours." The cooling towers feature low sound forward curved centrifugal fans, heavy-duty construction, and low air resistance.

Mars Air ( offered new ways to customize its Ares make-up air systems. Spokesperson Steve Rosol noted that the modular components allow customers to design a semi-custom system that costs less and can be delivered faster than comparable custom systems. The ventilation, cooling, and heating components can be ordered to meet a specific building application or geographic requirement.

Marvair ( revealed its Scholar III heat pumps and air conditioners for classrooms. Spokesman David Shuford said these 13 SEER units are very quiet, at just 45 dBA, and utilize R-410A. The units were designed to cost 25 percent to 33 percent less than chiller/boiler systems, and the units can be mounted inside each classroom. Other features include active dehumidification, a small footprint, and 2- to 5-ton capacities.

Mesan Cooling Tower ( introduced its fiberglass, corrosion-resistant, low noise cooling towers in sizes ranging from 3- to 1,000-ton. The MXRI and MSXRI Series cross-flow type cooling towers feature an advanced design, reliable performance, and low drift loss, according to company spokesman Doyle Young.

Motivair ( highlighted its new MLC-FC chillers with free cooling capabilities, which are designed to provide the end user with year-round optimal performance in varying ambient temperatures. President Graham Whitmore stated that the when ambient temperatures fall overnight or during cooler seasonal weather, the integrated free cooling system is automatically activated. The system operates by directing the returned chilled glycol through the free cooling coil before it enters the evaporator, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Multiaqua ( introduced its MAC-120 10-ton single-phase chiller. The chiller is a self-contained air-cooled condenser, coupled with an insulated brazed plate heat exchanger. The system utilizes a scroll compressor to circulate refrigerant between the condenser and the heat exchanger. Spokesman Neal Fischer stated that the chiller is designed for high-end residential applications, as well as nursing homes, dormitories, and other similar applications.

Multistack ( unveiled its modular chiller with Turbocor centrifugal compressor. The new chillers are oil-free, utilize R-134A, and are designed for comfort cooling and process applications. The water-cooled chillers are available in sizes up to 640-ton and use 45 percent less space than conventional chillers. The small footprint means they can fit through 32-inch doorways.

Andrew Ross of Marley states that the company’s new modular MCP fiberglass cooling towers will revolutionize the industry.
Protec( introduced its FWS Series cross-flow cooling towers, which are designed to serve commercial, institutional, and industrial loads. All the major components of the cooling tower, including motors, axial fans, fan drive assembly, and fill/media, have been developed to ensure maximum efficiency with low energy consumption. The tower also has a small footprint and can meet limited space requirements of many applications.

Rae Corp. ( unveiled its Technical Systems' Series 30 packaged chillers, which are designed for easy handling and reduced installation costs. The Series 30A1S chillers are equipped with screw compressors and independent refrigerant circuits. These high efficiency, industrial grade semi-hermetic, compressors are designed to provide infinite capacity reduction to match the system load for optimum system efficiency, said spokesman Adam Meyer.

Reymsa ( showcased its new UniTower HRFG Series all fiberglass cooling tower. The tower is available in 16 basic cell sizes with 42 standard models. Features include UV protection, three layers of PVC fill and PVC drift eliminator, direct-drive low-speed fan motors, low noise operation, and large easily removable access doors.

Rheem Manufacturing Co.'s ( Air Conditioning Division introduced multiple new package units: The RRNA, gas and electric package unit; the RQNA, package heat pump; and the RSNA, a package air conditioner. All three models are 13 SEER units with high- and low-pressure control for refrigerant cycle control; low ambient control for operation at low outdoor temperatures; standard louver coil protection, and an easy access blower section with a slide-out boiler. The models also have a stainless steel heat exchanger with a limited lifetime warranty in residential applications.

Smardt featured a new range of high-efficiency, oil-free, centrifugal chillers. The Compact Modular range is designed to be moved through a standard elevator and door, so it can be placed in previously inaccessible locations. The oil-free centrifugal compressor is manufactured by Danfoss Turbocor Compressors and uses magnetic bearings and variable speed drives in order to achieve high efficiencies. R-134A cools electronic and electro-mechanical components.

Tower Engineering ( highlighted its new Perma-Pac high-performance, ceramic cooling tower fill. Vice president Gary Drummond stated that the new fill is unaffected by the harsh environments encountered in cooling towers, and that its design and materials are ideally suited for operation with poor water quality and long-term exposure to high and low operating temperatures.

United CoolAir ( featured its new Verti-Air self-contained air-cooled vertical comfort systems. The units are available in three floor-mounted cabinet sizes with a cooling capacity from 3- to 15-ton. The company also highlighted its VariCool self-contained air conditioning system, which is suitable for locations that are sensitive to sound and vibration.

York (, a brand of UPG of York – a Johnson Controls Company, featured the all-new Affinity™ Series light commercial air conditioners and heat pumps. The electronically commutated motor technology controls fan speed and airflow, while the ClimaTrak™ comfort system offers customized comfort performance specific to the climate. The new Predator® MagnaDRY™ was also featured. This convertible single package rooftop unit comes equipped with a dehumidification system, which maintains humidity levels below set points, regardless of outdoor temperatures. Available in 7.5- and 10-ton sizes, the unit has an 11.2 EER.

Publication date: 02/13/2006