CHICAGO - New humidification and dehumidification products on display at the 2006 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) showed off the industry's innovative technology to help keep indoor comfort at a maximum.


Dristeem( introduced its XT Series electrode steam humidifier for use in commercial and large residential applications. The XT Series operates with unsoftened or softened tap water. The unit controls within 3 percent of a set point in standard modulating mode, and within 5 percent of a set point in on-off mode. This compact model has a capacity range of up to 50 pounds per hour and is compatible with 208V and 240V single-phase voltages, and 280V and 480V three-phase voltages. There is no cleaning required, only plastic cylinder replacement. The unit also has an automatic drain function, eliminating the need for manual tank draining.

GeneralAire ( displayed the Elite Steam humidifier for homes and small commercial spaces. It has two installation options, an integral top drain pan for room blower unit, and an integral full bottom drain pan for safety. The unit contains a microprocessor with full-diagnostics and pre-alarms, adapting to changing water conditions automatically. It comes with a two year limited warranty.

Neptronic's ( gas-fired humidifier series SKG 3000 has a 110 to 810 lbs per hour of steam capacity. Fully modulating, the company reports combustion efficiencies of 83 percent HHV. Drain water is below 140° F. The unit cleans and reinstalls in approximately five minutes and complies with BACnet remote communication protocol.

Pure Humidifier Co. ( unveiled a new outdoor enclosure for GX Series gas fired humidifiers. The enclosure allows the humidifier to operate in any climate. The pre-packaged enclosure is shipped factory assembled with the humidifier installed. It is constructed of aluminum modular framing and galvanized steel panels and includes a built in curb base.

The company also featured a new temperature actuated drain tempering kit. The DCT-297 is designed to provide drain water temperature of less than 140°. The compact, horizontal unit can be mounted directly to a humidifier reservoir.

Vapac ( showed its new hole-forming technology used on the VapaSorb manifold. The hole-forming technology is meant to replace standard nozzle inserts. According to the company, the new design eliminates the need for jacketed tubes, stainless steel nozzles, and plastic inserts.

The DesertAire booth at the AHR Expo displays its new ExpertAire™ dehumidifier, available in 1- to 15-ton sizes. The company also introduced a new microprocessor controller, ControlAire™.


Bry-Air( introduced its new MiniPACâ„¢ dehumidifier effective for up to 8,000 square feet. The ETL listed unit is self-contained with a differential air pressure switch, a high temperature safety thermostat, reactivation cool down, and an optional humidistat for humidity control. According to the company, the MiniPAC is capable of continuous run. The rotor is water washable and the unit requires no filter replacement. The MiniPAC is available in 100, 175, 350, and 600 CFM.

Dehumidifier Corp. of America ( featured the DCA 11000WH water heating dehumidifier. Containing a standard microprocessor control system, this unit is capable of room heating while dehumidifying. The system features dual refrigeration construction, dual Copeland scroll compressors, motorized evaporator by-pass control, low ambient head pressure control, rifle tube refrigeration coils, and a stainless steel condensate drain pan. The company also offers top or bottom discharge, a defrost timer package, and an outdoor installation package.

Desert Aire ( unveiled the ExpertAireâ„¢ Series dehumidifier. This series is to replace several of the company's existing lines, including its IH, WC, PD, and PDW products. Available in 1- to 15-ton units, ExpertAire is designed to dehumidify industrial and commercial applications. The unit offers R-410A refrigerant as a standard on all sizes of the ExpertAire series. The unit also features new coils using a rifled tube and lanced fin design.

The company also introduced ControlAireâ„¢, the microprocessor controller installed in ExpertAire. This controller allows for greater programmability for special applications and offers full BMS interface capability.

Heat Controller Inc. ( displayed a new whole house dehumidifier series, WHD-1. This series has a 130-pint per day capacity and is about two square feet in size. The unit runs by an automatic sampling process that turns the unit on if dehumidification is needed.

Lennox ( introduced its new whole house dehumidifier. The Humiditrol is designed to install in existing duct systems. The unit uses Lennox's SignatureStatâ„¢ to control humidity throughout the home. Humiditrol can be used with the XC21 air conditioner and XP19 heat pump. According to the company, it is also easily integrated with Lennox R-410A cooling products.

Publication date: 02/13/2006