CLEVELAND - Arzel Zoning Technology and R.W. Beckett Corp. will offer a joint training program, teaching technicians about oil burners and zoning systems from leading companies in their respective industries.

R.W. Beckett has been training technicians on how to install and service oil burning systems since its founding in 1937. The training will focus on hands-on oil burner service and troubleshooting. Additional topics include the new Beckett HeatManagerâ„¢, the NX burner, and Beckett controls.

Arzel Zoning Technology, a pioneer of the concept of retrofit zoning over the last 15 years, provides zoning system installation training.

"The HVAC industry's most serious problem is a lack of training," said Dennis Laughlin, Arzel president. "Finding qualified people - installers, technicians, and comfort consultants - is one of the toughest tasks facing HVAC business owners today. That is why we are focusing on training as an added service to our customers."

In November, Arzel Comfort Collegeâ„¢ attendees will have the opportunity for an extra 4 hours of oil burner training by Beckett trainer Jerry Heron. The class will cover oil combustion theory, burner servicing, and the new Beckett motors and controls. This will be followed by the 10 hour zoning course that covers all aspects of zoning dynamics, system design, and installation.

Contact Lisa Ahern at 800-611-8312 ext. 16 for reservations or more information.

Publication date: 10/30/2006