ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has announced that a new library of business forms and templates has been developed and made available to its members.

The forms - covering such areas as employee incentives, inventory, inspections, and more - were developed by contractors and shared with ACCA’s Membership Committee for distribution to the association’s member firms. They are available for download in Microsoft Word format, to allow for easy customization.

According to David Kyle, president of Trademasters, Newington, Va., and current chairman of the ACCA Membership Committee, “In my earlier days as a contractor, I was very frustrated at the number of forms I had to design and create in order to put the processes in place that have enabled our firm to grow. I would have loved a resource like this back then, and am really happy that we are able to provide it now.”

In addition to providing downloadable documents, Kyle said the goal of the library is to be a “practical idea pool.”

“Take a look at the forms that other contractors have developed and think about the process that it supports, and you’ll be amazed at the new ideas you generate for your own business,” he said. “Of course, why reinvent the wheel - if someone has shared a form that will work in your business, then go ahead and use it. But I also find that just seeing how someone else has approached a process - employee bonuses, for example - sparks a lot of new ideas and creativity in my own head.”

ACCA noted that its Forms & Templates Library will be a growing resource and is available for download by members at

Publication date:05/24/2010