Airflow in Ducts PowerPoint Presentation is a CD with eight separate lesson packages that lets the trainer give an effective, easy-to-understand program on duct airflow, says the company. The accompanying binder helps the instructor make the students active participants in learning. It includes instructor notes for each PowerPoint slide, along with items to discuss and questions and problems for students to solve. Answers are included for the discussion items, as well as answers to the review items. Where calculations are required, the complete calculation is also provided. Reproducible items from the binder include a review for each lesson that can be used as a group exercise or a test, handouts with reference material for some lessons, and a list of equations used in the presentation for student reference. The presentation includes the basics of airflow, calculating duct sizes, air quantity and velocity, pressures in a duct, airflow in a duct and dynamic losses, sizing ductwork, calculating pressure losses in a duct, and duct fittings. An accompanying text, Airflow in Ducts, is also available.

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