VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Smartcool Systems Inc. announced that it has completed successful testing of its Energy Savings Module (ESM™) technology on a centrifugal compressor. The equipment was installed on a Carrier centrifugal chiller at the WalterMart Mall located in Makati City, Philippines. The test results indicated that the ESM significantly reduced the kWh consumption of the facility, providing both financial and environmental benefits without affecting the indoor air temperature of the shopping center.

The test was a joint effort between Smartcool Systems Inc.; Smartcool Systems Australia Pte. Ltd, distributor for Australia and New Zealand; Smartcool Systems Asia Ltd., distributor for the Philippines; and Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company of Manila, Philippines.

“This is extremely important for Smartcool as the success of this test has opened up a significant new market to the company,” stated Chris Lefaivre, VP, sales and marketing. “We are now able to approach many clients that utilize centrifugal chillers with the confidence that we have a green technology that will allow them to simultaneously reduce their electrical costs and carbon footprint.”

To move deeper into the large compressor markets of both rotary screw and centrifugal compressors, Smartcool has recently released a new module to complement the ESM Network Control Module. This Intelligent Interface Module (IIM) is specifically designed to interface with large chiller air conditioning systems like the one in WalterMart as well as large ammonia-based refrigeration systems. With the positive outcomes seen at installations in the UAE and Australia, Smartcool said it is confident that the approximately 10 percent of the HVAC market made up of rotary screw and centrifugal compressors, which previously could not utilize Smartcool’s technology, can now benefit from the ESM product line.

“We are seeing commodity prices increase which impacts the price of electricity generation,” said George Burnes, president of Smartcool Systems. “Coal prices are soaring, oil and natural gas prices are on the rise, and there has been a steady growth in the worldwide demand of power. These factors are forcing utilities to pass the increased costs down to their customers like WalterMart by increasing electrical rates. Companies are now looking for innovative, green technologies like Smartcool’s ESM to lessen operating costs and increase profits through the reduction in HVAC energy consumption.”

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Publication date:04/28/2008