RUEIL MALMAISON, France - Schneider Electric has announced that it is streamlining its organization. "This organization brings us closer to our customers, faster and more reactive in meeting their needs, and gives us more focus, innovation, and efficiency in our business," commented Jean-Pascal Tricoire, chairman of the management board and chief executive officer. "Our overall goals remain the same, to continue our new program and deliver the best possible answer to the growing needs of our customers."

Marketing and Technology will be streamlined in seven business units: Power, Ultra Terminal, Automation, Services and Projects, Building Automation, Secured Power, Customized Sensors, and Technologies.

A new central function, Strategy, Customers and Technology, will be created to align all divisions on the major group directions.

The four operating divisions - Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, International & Iberian - and the other central functions will maintain their current responsibilities.

Publication date: 07/31/2006