When end users look at their HVACR unit, which isn't often, generally they see a metal box, not the parts that make up the system in that box. But despite the fact that components are hidden away inside the system container, three products stood out and received the winning votes inThe NEWS'third annual Dealer Design Awards in the Components and Accessories category.

GOLD: The X13 HVAC blower motor has five field-selectable taps, used for heating, cooling, and constant fan speed.


The X13â„¢ blower motor, by Regal Beloit Corp., won top place among all the other products entered in this category.

This high-efficiency HVAC blower motor has five field-selectable taps that are used for heating, cooling, and maintaining constant fan speed. The taps control air delivery in the HVAC system. "The ‘tap' feature for airflow selection is an excellent idea," remarked one impressed judge.

"The X13 is a Standard ECM motor, which means it has the energy efficiency of an ECM but operates like a PSC motor," stated Paul Selking, Industry Leader Residential HVAC.

The motor has been applied in 1 1/2- to 5-ton residential package units and indoor air handlers as well as residential gas furnaces to replace PSC motors. The motor's permanently lubricated ball bearings and high efficiency allow the motor to run cool. It has a brushless dc design and permanent magnet rotor.

Available in 1/3- to 1-hp units, the motor has a speed range of 600-1,100 rpm and a peak motor efficiency of 80 percent.

One judge had nothing but praise for the X13. He said that the manufacturer "appears to be taking this key product component to a new level while maximizing the all-important energy savings.

"This motor offers a number of worthwhile benefits that will be important to the installing contractor and their customers."

SILVER: Honeywell's non-spring return low torque direct coupled actuators are designed to actuate dampers and valves to control airflow in HVAC applications.


The judges gave Honeywell's non-spring return, low torque, direct coupled actuators high praise not only by giving them the silver post in the category, but one judge also commented that he would "definitely purchase this product" for various types of projects.

The actuators are designed to actuate dampers and valves to control airflow in HVAC applications. The N05 and N10 series actuators are specifically designed for variable air volume systems or zoned hydronic systems.

The wiring access cover is a removable cover that protects wiring terminals and provides a conduit connection, which eliminates a conduit junction box.

"The standard wiring saves time, the wiring access cover minimized time and material costs, and the mode selector requires fewer models to be stocked on the shelves or the contractor's truck," said Robyn Seykora, trade channel market manager, Honeywell.

One judge looked at the actuator and what it offered in terms of time saving as a plus to getting a contract. "For a contractor, the savings gained over the competition on the installation time is where jobs are won. This product may give us that advantage."

BRONZE: The Control Linkâ„¢ RSC replaces electromechanical equipment in refrigerated systems, including the defrost time clock, mechanical thermostat, and defrost termination sensor.


The Control Linkâ„¢ RSC, from Computer process controls, received the bronze in the Components and Accessories category. The controller enables refrigerated cases to communicate with facility management systems and remote monitoring services. It replaces electromechanical equipment in refrigerated systems, including the defrost time clock, the mechanical thermostat, and the defrost termination sensor.

All error codes are listed on the main label. Instructions for implementing a manual defrost, simple wiring diagrams, and all point names are also on the label. The EZ Linkâ„¢ feature allows contractors to access, program, and troubleshoot Control Link via a communication link, which permits access to the controller without unnecessarily disassembling the equipment.

"Less wiring, fewer components, and the flexibility to install control modules in the most convenient location help deliver a lower initial cost," said Matt Lauck, director of marketing solutions for Emerson Climate Technologies.

The judges agreed on the benefit of refrigeration control integration. One judge said that because this control manages all the functions, it would make installation and troubleshooting easier.

"By combining functions of many components into one control - diagnostics and remote access - they [the manufacturer] have covered all the bases. Home run of a product."

Honorees: Components and Accessories

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Publication date: 07/17/2006