TAMPA, Fla— Contractor in Charge, a provider of customer engagement, booking, bookkeeping, and controller services for home-services contractors, has formed a partnership with SF&P Advisors, a business consulting company that specializes in residential and commercial mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing company mergers and acquisitions.

With the partnership, SF&P Advisors’ clients can leverage Contractor in Charge’s expertise and proven solutions in addition to SF&P’s valuation, accounting, research, and financial analysis services, a press release from Contractor in Charge said.

“We have worked with Contractor in Charge on several transactions that we have closed,” said Fred Silberstein, CEO and president of SF&P Advisors. “We have found they do an excellent job of not only preparing financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), but giving contractors additional tools to help them grow and scale their business.”

Contractor in Charge empowers SF&P Advisors’ clients to clarify and strengthen their financials and establish strategies to increase efficiencies and grow revenue, the press release said. Contractor in Charge also provides SF&P clients with customer-engagement services and insights into business performance.

“We’re proud to work with a trusted partner like SF&P Advisors to help contractors maximize the valuation of their business and get the highest rewards for their hard work,” said Lynn Wise, CEO of Contractor in Charge. “Our comprehensive custom services are designed to give professional plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors the tools they need to thrive and grow. One way we can do that is to connect them with SF&P, a company with a proven track record of helping contractors reap the benefits of their success.”