WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — Allied Air Enterprises is preparing a lineup of low-GWP residential HVAC products to meet the 2025 refrigerant regulations. The transition to low-GWP refrigerant is a positive step towards sustainability and protecting the planet, Allied said in a press release.

Allied Air is set to launch an extensive range of equipment that uses the refrigerant R-454B, which has a GWP of 466, about 78% lower than that of R-410A.

“The launch of our low-GWP-compatible products reinforces Allied Air’s strong commitment to the environment and sustainability initiatives,” said Angela Chapoy, vice president and general manager of Allied. “Our goal is to create a seamless transition for our distributors and help them achieve compatibility with minimal disruption to their dealers and everyday operations.”

As products adapt to comply with new regulations, Allied is meeting the demand for forward and backward compatibility by providing multi-refrigerant air handlers and cased coils that enable the transition from R-410A to R-454B. Multi-refrigerant cased coils ship from the factory ready for R-410A installations and can be field-converted for use with an R-454B system. 

Additionally, the company will provide refrigerant-detection system kits, enabling compatibility between existing equipment and the new R-454B systems to ensure that distributors’ inventory remains usable into 2025 and beyond.

Products will be available for ordering throughout the remainder of 2024, significantly ahead of the 2025 regulatory shift and aligned with customer demand, Allied’s press release said.